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No need to spend a penny or learn any science to build the technology online

As long as you watch this video, it’s easy

Two steps

You can have many permanently available

Use of various nodes such as ss, 我滴免费梯子 ssr, v2ray, trojan, etc.

So that you no longer worry about overturning the wall

No longer worry about building without money or technology

What are you still hesitating

Let’s go!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the Littleyu channel as a guest

Before the show airs, I wish

Happy New Year 2021, everyone! Friends who have followed my channel for a long time

I know that my channel mainly shares scientific Internet technology sharing, and rarely publishes free node sharing videos in programs.

For some reasons and channel strategy changes

I do not plan to record such a video in the channel

If you want to get more free nodes available

Welcome to follow my blog’s free ladder, and the latest available nodes will be released from time to time. Back to topic

Now most friends who use the Internet in science mainly build their own VPS

Two ways to achieve takeoff at the airport

Once the above options are not feasible

Most people may be rescued through free nodes shared by others, although it is easy to find nodes

But facing the available nodes

Needle in a haystack

One by one

Both a waste of time

No more energy to test one by one

Faced with daily manual search

I guess not many are willing

And this video shared by Littleyu today can just solve the above problems

Just watch this video

You can avoid the manual search, and use the winxray client to avoid the problem of finding the fastest node to use

Let you go online scientifically

Never fear the wall


The content of this issue is also a very good video for the white prostitution party.

No need to spend a penny nor learn any scientific Internet technology to build, understand the use of any client

Follow my video to share

Just a few simple steps

You can get permanent public

Free node usage, up to more than 1,500 nodes

Covering major countries in the world

As for speed, keep it secret

Later, we will use the data of the tubing to explain

These nodes are obtained through crawler technology

And crawl the latest available node data regularly every day

Make the node permanently available

Thank you very much to everyone who provided node sharing

Nodes crawled this time

There are 8529 in total

Among them, there are 3529 Ss nodes

There are 1236 ssr nodes and vmess nodes

There are 376 trojan nodes

At least, only 119

There are a total of 3258 available nodes, the following

I will press the crawl

ss, ssr, vmess, trojan demo acquisition and connection test

If the content of this issue is useful to you

Please like below the video!

Thank you all for supporting my friends

Open my personal blog, click on the free ladder, and come to this page

You can see that there are




Links to these nodes

You can get it according to your needs

I first demonstrate the link using the ss node

Copy and paste the link address

Open new tab

Paste enter

Then I will see so many nodes

Information, select all to copy

Open the winxray client

Paste here in the configuration

Then update the server configuration

Let’s take a look

There is one more flower here

Parentheses, a pair

We have to remove it accordingly

We click again to update the server configuration

back to the homepage

There will be a lot of ss nodes here

And test all nodes

It will automatically connect to the fastest server node

Fastest server node


Open Google search free SS free

ss, will be opened soon

Open youtube YouTube can also show

Now the speed is slowly increasing and it has reached 20,000

Equivalent to a speed of two megabytes per second

We directly adjust the image quality to 2K video

The playback is also very smooth

Then choose

ssr node link

Go back to the browser and paste

And select all

Copy this string of code

Self-paste import here

But the import was not successful

It is estimated that there is a problem with this piece of code

Don’t worry about this content

We can test again at another time

Should be ok

Copy the link of Vmess

Select all copy

Then self-paste imported into the winxray server list

Open Google Search Littleyu’s Science Internet Channel

The results can be searched very quickly

This is Littleyu’s channel


Copy the connection address of the trojan node

Paste it over

Enter, the following is the node of trojan

Informational data

Select all to copy, open winxray

Empty the server here

Paste and import in

Will be able to connect to the fastest server node soon

Use Google to search for free v2ray nodes, and they will pop up soon

Open any program on my channel, and it can be played soon

And didn’t beat up

Now the speed is 16,000


We have also seen during the test that the speed is nearly 30,000

Open winxray

, Switch other nodes

Try it, the test is normal

If you need node information for multiple types of protocols

Then copy the link below

Open new tab

Paste the address and press enter

Pop up all nodes soon


Since the imported nodes exceed 1,500, it doesn’t matter

Let’s just click

It can be imported automatically

And test the server with the fastest connection


There is a vmess node that has been tested

Still using Google to search for Littleyu

The scientific Internet channel will pop up soon

These are the shows in my channel

Let’s just click on one and take a look

Basically no pause

Will be played soon

Today’s show almost ends here

A free node site similar to the crawler public

I believe there will be many

If it’s not in my sharing

I also hope that friends with resources can share them by leaving a message

Benefit more people

If you are interested in scientific Internet technology

Welcome to join yugogogo technical exchange telegram group

Communicate with many of our technology enthusiasts

This is Littleyu’s channel

My channel mainly shares science online

Electronic technology and practical skills

If you are interested in my show

Please subscribe to my channel

Turn on the small bell reminder on the right

Let my latest show not pass you by

Dear friends, we will meet again next time

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