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There are actually a great many sportsbooks online. Though many are reliable, numerous successful sports bettors lose money given that they fall victim to rogue sportsbooks.

Rogue sportsbooks are sportsbooks that wind up defaulting on players’ winnings, thus leaving successful sports bettors left with nothing to show for their winning bets. The same as sportsbooks generally speaking, not all rogue sportsbooks are exactly the same. They typically fall into two categories.

The first category includes the fly-by-night sportsbooks that get into with the intent to scam their customers. These sportsbooks are just open for a short time period and after that go out of business. When these operations shut down their websites, they take any money that’s owed to their winning players with them.

Even if a bettor requests a payout from one of these scam sportsbooks prior to them closing up shop, they’re going to stall the payment as long because they can. They will slowly process the request in hopes that the bettor either loses the cash back or until they choose to go out of business and take the money with them.

Not all rogue sportsbooks open up shop with the intent to defraud their players. Some sportsbooks begin their operation with the best intentions but lack the capital to fund their new business. After offering bonuses to improve their betting handle and paying out all the other business expenses (employees’ wages, our website site upkeep, etc.), they do not have enough capital left over to cover the price of their players’ winning bets.

Unfortunately, these companies find yourself resorting to the exact same tactics as the scam sportsbooks. In certain cases, they are going to be purchased by a well known, trustworthy sportsbook who will assume the debt and process the payouts to the winning players.

As part of your investigation, you should read online sportsbook reviews from people that have individually reviewed and placed bets at these sportsbooks. A different way is to ask online sports bettors about sportsbooks that they have used and their experiences with those sportsbooks.

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