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Avid device user running operating system from Google knows that there is a original kind of applications – talking games on Android. Today there a whole series of excellent apps that are designed to fun their owners. All these programs have one thing Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery common, your virtual wards repeat your sentences and can do simple tasks .

Try to this address and enjoy the game!

The most new applications use a set of more diverse functions and include better graphics. So, you will give constant attention, monitor nutrition and fun with your new pets. Programmers don’t stay still and almost every month releasing app updates. These fun games on Android are fun their players and cheer up.

We have tried to find the most popular talking software that have been available to date. Catalogue of our site will be constantly added. All you remains is to choose you need game and press the install button. All your speaking wards will gladly use your phrases after you and will perform funny moves. Some programs using additional features. Don’t forget log in every day to the apps to get your points.

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