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Beginners who play online slot machines do not learn the differences between the many kinds of machine and how to play them correctly so here is a quick novice guide, to online slot machines and the way to approach them.

Here you can start learning the way to play online slots gambling correctly and learn to increase the odds and win

To start with, not all machines are exactly the same. In fact, there is a huge difference. So the very first lesson is how you can “Read” a slot machine.

Notice first the coin denomination. The actual “slot” for the cash may be the same size for various coins. Notice what each machine’s coin denomination is.

Next is to understand the different types of machines

The Multiplier: This online slot machine are going to pay out for a specific symbols and also the number of coins bet then multiplies it.

Say the machine pays 10 coins for three cherries whenever you play one coin, it might pay 15 for your second coin and 20 for three coins played.

On the other hand, and unlike other online slot machines, it won’t penalize you for not playing maximum coins. If it’s your strategy to play one coin at a time, this really is your machine and it lengthens out your fun time playing.

The Bonus Multiplier: There is no real difference to the Multiplier except which it shall pay a bonus if you play maximum coins and then hit the jackpot.

Three cherries may pay 1,000 for one coin, 2,000 for two coins etc

The Multiple Payline: These are the online slot machines you play which have more than one line of play.

Consequently each coin played will activate a particular line.

Careful, If you hit a winning combination on a non-activated line, you will receive nothing for your trouble!

The modern casino machines may have as many as 9 pay lines.

The Buy-a-Pay: They are complicated online slot machines to play, but we’re going to make it simple.

Each coin you play will activate an alternative pay out.

You shall need to play maximum coins to receive the largest jackpot.

So keep in mind that on these machines if you hit a jackpot with one coin in nothing is won! NEVER play this machine unless you will play maximum coins or you shall find the jackpot for somebody else.

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