Smoking – A Major Cause For Erectile Dysfunction

Smoking can leads to erectile dysfunction in men as a recent survey verified that a plenty of men in United States of America who are addicted to smokes are affected by erectile dysfunction. This is a problem not only occurring in United States, but all over the world. Erectile dysfunction resulting from a man’s unfitness to have or maintain a lasting erection for satisfactory sexual act. Impotence is a very usual problem, which is affecting most of the male community. According to researchers, age is not only a cause of impotence but several other factors like habits, lifestyle, physical and psychological activities that cannot be ignored.

The side effects of medications which are use to cure high blood pressure, heart disease, depression and brain disease also cause erectile dysfunction. Other medicinal drugs such as alcohol, amphetamines, Order Cocaine Online, methadone, opiates and nicotine affect the internal nervous system and damage the blood vessels causing the problem of erectile dysfunction or impotence. A recent report from university of California showed that smoking tobacco increases the risk factor for erectile dysfunction. Smoking tobacco cause the problem of coronary artery disease which narrows the arterial blood vessels reducing the blood flow to the male reproductive organ. Normal sex drive depends upon the coordination of central nervous system, the internal secretion and the blood vessels that flows the blood to the male organ.

Although there are various factors that result in erectile dysfunction in men, smoking is one of the major cause behind in increasing the risk factor of sexual problems. Smoking also causes reduction level of ejaculation, and geological formation of unnatural sperm shape. Smoking tobacco can damage the lining of arteries. It also reduces the blood flow thus causing the problem of erectile dysfunction in men. Nicotine compresses arteries to make them narrower. When your arteries conducting to your heart are totally blocked, then you bear the problem of heart attack.

Another cause of erectile dysfunction or impotence is due to the arteriosclerosis disease also called the coronary artery disease. Arteriosclerosis deposits high-fats inside the arterial walls, thus narrowing the arteries cause the problem of erectile dysfunction or impotence. A smoker also helps in increasing the problem of heart disease, lung cancer and high blood pressure. The researcher says that a person, who is smoking 20 cigarettes a day, would have increased 39% his risk of impotence. Cigarettes contain nicotine that affects people. Nicotine in the blood promotes the vein chamber to dilate. Along with impotence Heart attack and lung cancer are also the major causes of smoking.

So quit smoking if you wants to live a happy sexual life, more over smoking doesn’t only leads to the erectile dysfunction but it also has hazardous effects on health like cancer, imbalance internal nervous system and many more. The medical sciences are working and doing research for healthy and happier living hood of mankind. The introduction of medication to quit smoking is already helping out many people around the globe. The medications like Zyban and chantix had shown great results in trying men to quit smoking. There are generic version of these branded medicines are also available in the markets at very cheap prices.

And for those men who are seriously affected by the problem of erectile dysfunction there are medications available like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis to treat the problem and to enjoy the pleasurable act. One can buy these medications from any of the nearest stores and also the economical and easiest way to purchase these medicines is to buy online. There are many online pharmacies out there which are selling these medications and one such trusted online pharmacy is EMedOut.com. One can buy the medicines like generic zyban and generic chantix to quit smoking and also the pharmacy provides the medicnes like generic Viagra, generic levitra and generic cialis to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction in men.

So its better to quit smoking feel the difference in the life which you living now .

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