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The grey parrot is medium-sized, predominantly grey and black-billed. Its typical weight is 400 g (14 oz), with an approximate length of 33 cm (13 in),[8] and a wingspan of 46–52 cm (18–20+1⁄2 in).[9] The head and wings are generally darker than the body. Head and body feathers have slight white edges; the tail feathers are red. The best food for an African grey parrot in captivity is a high-quality, formulated pellet supplemented with fruits such as pomegranate, organic mango, and melon. Also, provide fresh vegetables, including leafy greens like arugula, watercress, kale, sprouts, and healthy seeds such as hemp and flaxseed. You can pre-make chop, a salad for birds, that will help keep your African grey parrot healthy and thriving.

Popularity for the tinier cousin of the Congo has grown over the past few years. The Timneh African grey parrot for sale originate from a smaller area in Africa that includes Liberia and the Ivory Coast region. Timneh greys are a noticeably deeper shade of grey then the Congo.

Because they are so intelligent, African grey parrot form very strong bonds with their owners and can be quite emotionally needy.Due to this trait, they do best with owners who can devote ample time to handling and socializing with them daily. Also, African grey parrots need a lot of exercise to keep their strong muscles toned and maintain an adequate physical condition. While international trade has mostly been for the pet trade, in some West African countries, Grey parrots are also consumed for belief-based use. However, to date there has been little research into the scale and scope of this trade and its drivers.

You’ll find that almost any cage size (within reason) or style enclosure for sale will work for these birds. While other species on the very small or very large size spectrum may have limited options, this is simply not the case with the best African Grey parrot cage (whether for a Timneh or Congo). Birds are remarkable companions and make excellent additions to any home. They have the ability to brighten our lives, add joy to our households, and even have a positive impact on our mental and physical well-being. Owning a pet bird can bring countless benefits to both you and your family.

Hello guys,we have a very beautiful female African grey parrot for sale She is 13 wee.. They form special bonds with the person who trains them or whomever might spend the most  time with them but they never exclude anyone. Every African grey parrot we sell comes along with Registration papers, Certificate of Good Health and a written 2 year Health Guarantee. We assure you that your bird will be the pet that you have expected, and more.

Our goal is to offer you the finest parrots, parrot products and parrot information on the web. How do we do that – and what makes this site different than the others? First off we are a small family-run business, and don’t want to become some huge unreachable, uncaring company. We just want to offer people some quality products that we have found. We realize that with every contact, with every purchase, our reputation and integrity are “on the line”.

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